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New Missoula Location

The countdown is ON! Learn more about our DOWNTOWN BOZEMAN SUPERSTORE

What are THC and CBD Ratio Products?

Shop High CBD Ratio Products In the vast and expanding world of cannabis products, understanding how different ratios of THC to CBD impact the effects and potential benefits of a […]

Tackle Sleepless Nights with Wana Optimals

Wana Optimals is a lineup of first-of-their-kind, cannabinoid-powered daily wellness gummies. Each custom formulation is specially formulated to enhance your life in functional ways like better sleep, improved fitness, and […]

Montana’s Best THC Vape Carts

If you’re looking for Montana’s ultimate THC vape experience, look no further than Bloom’s expertly crafted new strain-specific distillate vape cartridges with cannabis-derived terpenes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect […]

All About Decarboxylation

What is decarboxylation? Decarboxylation (also known as “decarbing”) is activating raw cannabis into an enhanced potent form. Cannabis is heated so that the chemical structure of the acid cannabinoids changes […]

Important Update- Untethering

“All registered cardholders will be officially untethered from providers effective June 2, 2020.This means all registered cardholders will be able to purchase medical marijuana from any licensed provider in the […]

Will Montana Go Recreational?

New Approach Montana (a political campaign based in Helena, MT) has put forward two connected ballot initiatives — one that would create the legal framework for a recreational marijuana industry […]

All About Orangeade

Orangeade is a hybrid strain consisting of sweet citrus, floral, fruity aromas and flavor notes. Between its delicious flavor and the humulene in Orangeade’s terpene makeup, this strain may suppress […]

The Industry Is Changing

Maybe you’ve heard: Cannabis is having a moment. But as with all things that reach a critical mass, there will also be a moment when the market is oversaturated. Too […]


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