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Montana’s Best THC Vape Carts

Montana’s Best THC Vape Carts

If you’re looking for Montana’s ultimate THC vape experience, look no further than Bloom’s expertly crafted new strain-specific distillate vape cartridges with cannabis-derived terpenes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect complement to your outdoor adventure or a sublime enhancement to your favorite live music shows, Bloom’s innovative CDT distillate vapes offer a consistent, full-spectrum, strain-specific experience.

Our unwavering commitment to crafting the highest quality distillate vapes of unparalleled potency and purity sets us apart from the mainstream options available at most Montana dispensaries. Our distillate ensures a consistent, enjoyable, and discreet vaping experience, and the infusion of cannabis-derived terpenes allows you to experience the effects and flavor of your favorite weed strains in a handy 510 vape cart.

Sourcing all cannabis for our CDT vape carts from living soil gardens, we guarantee that our distillate is only extracted from premium whole plant material. Our state-of-the-art lab utilizes advanced extraction techniques to skillfully craft our high-potency distillate, and extract terpenes with minimal degradation using hydrocarbon extraction, before masterfully blending them to fill our premium vape carts. Following meticulous testing to verify potency and quality, we’re thrilled to share our new CDT distillate vapes with Montana’s discerning cannabis aficionados. 

Bloom’s CDT vapes are only filled with pure cannabis oil and cannabis terpenes, ensuring a true-to-nature experience with absolutely no additives. See why Bloom CDT vapes are quickly becoming the favorite for people looking to experience Montana’s best weed strains on-the-go.

Why Choose Bloom CDT Distillate Vape Carts?

  1. Unmatched Quality: We prioritize quality above all else. Our distillate is expertly crafted to achieve optimal purity and potency, ensuring a consistent and pleasurable vape experience every time. By using only premium, living-soil-grown whole plant material rather than bulk trim, we can ensure the highest quality flavor and effects, so that you can enjoy your favorite strain in a new format.
  2. Strain-Specific Flavor and Full-Spectrum Effects: Our strain-specific CDT distillate vape cartridges capture the essence of Montana’s best weed strains. By infusing our premium strain-specific distillate with the power of cannabis-derived terpenes, these vape carts provide an enhanced full-spectrum entourage effect. Enjoy the flavors and effects that you love in flower, now in a convenient vape cart.
  3. Convenience: Our 510 vape carts are compatible with most vape pen batteries, making them ideal for on-the-go use. Enjoy your favorite cannabis strains anytime, anywhere.
  4. Third-Party Testing: Our vape oils are extracted from premium cannabis flower, and contain no additives. They are always tested by independent labs before they hit our dispensary shelves, ensuring you are getting the safest vape experience possible.

Montana’s Best Dispensaries: Bloom CDT vape carts are only available at Bloom, Sweetgrass, and Fat Hippie dispensaries. Visit our stores and speak to our knowledgeable budtenders for a personalized experience, and experience discrete relief today with your new favorite vape cart.

Bloom’s Lab Manager Austin Hamilton Talks CDT Vapes

Our team is passionate about high quality cannabis, and we are excited to bring our strain-specific CDT vape carts and other premium concentrates to Montana. We personally tested dozens of formulations and strains to ensure every hit off these vapes tastes and feels just like taking a dab. We are excited to share these incredible vapes with our Bloom Family! -Austin Hamilton

  1. How do Bloom’s strain-specific CDT vape carts stand out in a crowded vape market?
    1. Our extraction team and everyone at Bloom prides ourselves on quality and authenticity. We tested a range of extraction techniques and formulations until we had a vape cart our entire team loves. We use whole plant material, including premium buds, then start our distillation process with hydrocarbon extraction, maintaining the true essence of each strain. Fire in, fire out goes for every extract, including distillate!
  2. What steps do you take to ensure the potency and purity of your distillate?
    1. Ensuring the potency and purity of our distillate involved several steps. After extracting cannabinoids and terpenes with hydrocarbons, the terpenes are preserved while the cannabinoid fraction goes through additional refinement for potency, clarity, and flavor. The strain-specific terpenes are then reintroduced to strain-specific distillate, each extracted from the same batch of flower, ensuring a truly full-spectrum, true-to-strain experience. We never use trim or bulk THC distillate at the Bloom lab when crafting our vape cartridges.
  3. How do strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes differ from botanical terpenes in flavor and effects? Why is Bloom making the extra effort to extract terpenes from cannabis when botanical terpenes are so readily available?
    1. Cannabis-derived terpenes maintain the unique flavor and effects of the cannabis strain they are extracted from, unlike botanical terpenes, which are derived from various non-cannabis plants. While botanical terpenes are good for delivering a consistent flavor profile, cannabis terpenes combined with strain-specific distillate provide a more authentic, full-spectrum vaping experience.
  4. How do you choose which strains to feature in your CDT vape carts?
    1. We select flavorful, living-soil grown strains for their unique terpene profiles and effects. We also consider customer feedback and try to make popular strains available in a variety of forms. Our team is always looking to provide a wider variety of authentic cannabis experiences to our customers.
  5. What are your favorite strains currently available in CDT vape carts, and what makes them stand out for you?
    1. Our Yuzu Euphoria stands out, with a sweet, bright flavor, the effects are uplifting and euphoric without being racy. Electric Daydream has a warm pine and citrus aroma that I can’t get enough of, and its uplifting effects are great for social occasions. Lime Glow’s unique, complex terpene profile balances earthy, sour skunkiness with pungent overtones of lime, providing balanced relaxation.
  6. Are there any upcoming strains that customers should look out for?
    1. Keep your eyes peeled for Rocket Juice dropping soon. For all the gassy weed lovers, these vapes have a pungent, fuel flavor profile and more sedating effects, perfect for alleviating stress. We’re continuing to experiment with new strains to find those that can be well-represented in our CDT vape carts.

Premium Weed Strains Grown in Living Soil

Yuzu Euphoria is a hybrid strain created by crossing Yuzu Citrus with Euphoria, resulting in a tart, citrusy flavor and an uplifting, euphoric high that’s not too racy. This is a perfect strain for enjoying a night out with friends or for a lazy day at home. Yuzu Euphoria is sure to please those looking for a happy and uplifting vape strain to enjoy during the day!

Electric Daydream is another social, hybrid favorite! Hitting this vape before a party will keep the conversation going with plenty of giggles. With an inviting aroma of pine and citrus, Electric Daydream provides an uplifting and energetic enhancement to your favorite Summer activities!

Lime Glow offers balanced, uplifted relaxation. With complex, savory aromas of earthy, skunky sourness and pungent overtones of citrus and lime, this vape cart provides relaxing effects that are still great for social occasions.

Premium Weed Strains Grown in Living Soil

Bloom Montana’s strain-specific CDT vape cartridges are the ultimate choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled THC vape experience. With a focus on strain-specific, full-spectrum effects and flavor, as well as convenience, our 510 vape carts offer a superior vaping experience. Visit our dispensaries in Montana to explore our wide selection of strains and indulge in the true-to-nature flavors of our best weed strains in a convenient vape cart. Elevate your vaping experience today with Bloom Montana’s premium distillate vape cartridges with cannabis-derived terpenes. Click on our menu below, select a location, and place an online order for easy pick-up at our dispensaries across the state!


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