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Bloom is Passionate About Producing the Best Weed in Montana

Explore the numerous benefits of cannabis with Bloom Montana’s wide variety of products, and discover that Bloom is more than just a dispensary, it’s a community of cannabis enthusiasts that is passionate about offering the best weed in Montana. Already cherished for our convenient dispensaries, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable, compassionate staff, Bloom is proud to provide a superior cannabis experience by controlling every step of the seed-to-sale process, which starts with Montana’s best cannabis genetics being carefully cultivated and processed by our experienced production teams.

“We are proud to provide a wide range of cannabis products that echo the diversity and majesty of the Big Sky State. We are passionate about producing premium cannabis, and look forward to sharing these products with our customers!”

If you’re on a quest for the best weed strains in Montana, look no further than Bloom.

Bloom’s Cannabis Genetics: Combining Flavor and Potency

Our expansive selection of flower caters to the cannabis connoisseur and the curious newcomer alike. Discover the allure of our handpicked cannabis strains, including standouts like the sweet and hashy Apple Fritter, the fruity Candy Runtz, and the gassy, doughy, citrusy Free MAC. Each strain we cultivate is carefully selected for its cannabinoid and terpene profile, ensuring that Bloom’s flower offers a variety of flavors and effects.

Discover the World of Cannabis Concentrates with Bloom

Whether you’re an experienced dabber or just curious about the world of cannabis extracts, Bloom has you covered. Our extraction lab boasts a wide array of hydrocarbon concentrates, featuring Live Resin, Live Badder, BHO Wax, Cured Badder, and THC Diamonds.

Details about production process:

  1. Live Resin:
  2. Live Badder:
  3. BHO Wax(?): not clear to me what just “BHO” means
  4. Cured(?) Badder: may help to differentiate from “Live Badder”
  5. THC Diamonds: are these extracted from WPFF? I.e. “Live Diamonds”

Embrace Modern Cannabis Experiences with Bloom’s Cannabis Vape Collection

Venture beyond the classic dried flower and explore our wide range of weed vape carts and disposable vapes, each filled with potent and flavorful cannabis oils for a wide range of flavors and effects. Our vape line offers something for everyone, from the sweet, island-infused notes of a Maui Wowie disposable pen to the deep, rich, piney earth notes of our Kosher Kush BHO vape cart.

A Tasty Assortment of Edibles for Every Occasion

For edible enthusiasts, cannabis consumers looking for novel ways to interact with their favorite plant, and tourists seeking a discreet way to indulge in Montana’s rich cannabis culture, we offer a delectable assortment of THC and CBD edibles. From our classic Kush Krispies to our infused Honey and Caramels or our seasonal S’mores Milk Chocolate Bar, our edibles combine premium cannabis oil with delicious sweet and savory treats.

Embrace the Bloom Experience

At Bloom, our passion is curating the ultimate cannabis experience for our customers by enforcing the highest standards for quality at every step of the process from seed-to-sale. Our expert cultivators select the finest weed strains and grow them to their fullest potential, then our passionate production teams process these plants into dried flower, terpy concentrates, potent vapes, tasty edibles, and more! Check out our online menu for product and strain availability, and place an online order for easy pickup at your nearest Bloom dispensary. No matter your experience level or cannabis preferences, Bloom is here to elevate the dispensary experience for Montana’s cannabis consumers with a wide range of premium products available at our numerous convenient locations.



  1. Including Apple Fritter, Candy Runtz, Runtz, Free MAC, Cherry Punch, GMO Super Sherbet, Point Break, Strawnana, Violet Fog
  2. Price: $10/gram, $30/8th, $115/half ounce, $200/ounce



  1. 0.5g each 
  2. Price: $5



  1. 0.3mL Disposable Vape – including Maui Wowie
  2. 0.5mL BHO Vape Cart – including Kosher Kush
  3. 0.5mL Distillate Vape Cart – including Animal Mintz, Grand Daddy Purple. Strawberry Cough, Purple Punch, Sunset Sherbet
  4. 0.5mL CDT Vape Cart – including Yuzu Euphoria, Electric Daydream, Lime Glow (note that some of these strains are also available in concentrates – e.g. “experience your favorite dabs in a convenient vape cart!”)


Concentrates – most concentrates available in 0.5g quantities so customers can try different types and strains and see what they prefer

  1. Live Resin – including Kosher Kush
  2. Live Badder – including Blueberry Muffin, Cake Mix
  3. BHO – including Yuzu Euphoria, Electric Daydream, Strawberry OG
  4. Badder – including Blue Dream
  5. Diamonds – including Runtz Muffin, Mimosa



  1. Capsules – available in THC & CBD formulations
  2. Tincture – available in THC & CBD formulations
  3. Caramels
  4. Infused Honey
  5. Kush Krispies – available in small or large sizes
  6. Chocolate Bars – available in Sea Salt & Almond Milk Chocolate, seasonal S’mores Milk Chocolate, and other rotating flavors

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