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The Clear Premium THC Oil Products at Bloom

The Clear is one of the most respected cannabis brands when it comes to pure, potent and flavorful cannabis extracts, which is why Bloom is proud to carry The Clear’s THC vape carts, disposable vapes, and Twax infused pre-rolls at our dispensaries across the state. 

Unparalleled Quality and Consistency

The Clear sets themselves apart from competitors through the care and precision that goes into crafting every product, using processes that have been refined over years of cannabis extraction experience. The state-of-the-art extraction process developed by their team of scientists was the first to utilize molecular distillation technology on the legal cannabis market to filter out all impurities from cannabis oil. The resulting product revolutionized the cannabis industry, offering a versatile, clear oil high in cannabinoids that can be formulated in different ways to achieve outstanding flavors and effects.

This level of refinement also allows The Clear to offer unrivaled consistency. No matter when or where you buy their products, you can trust you’ll have the same experience every time.

Diverse Selection of Weed Products

The Clear offers their premium distillate in a variety of products to suit any preference:

Distillate Vape Carts

The Clear’s vape cartridges contain pure cannabis oil and natural terpenes for optimal flavor. With ceramic heating elements and no additives, you get smooth, clean hits. The Clear Vape Carts are compatible with any 510-threaded battery. Available in popular strains like OG, Golden Goat, Lemon Haze, or classic Lobster Butter, experience pure vaping bliss with The Clear 0.5mL and 1mL vape carts today!


Disposable Vapes

For an even more convenient vaping experience, The Clear offers 0.35mL all-in-one disposable vape pens, using industry-leading C-CELL hardware. These vape pens are breath-activated and require no charging or maintenance. Simply inhale and enjoy up to 300 puffs of premium, strain-specific THC distillate.

Infused Twax Prerolls

The Clear’s prerolls take advantage of full flower infused with potent THC distillate. This amps up the THC without compromising flavor. Infused pre-roll packs feature favorites like Banana Cream, Blueberry, & Lime Sorbet.


Skip the hassle of rolling messy concentrates in your own joints with these convenient, potent infused pre-rolls!

Where to Buy The Clear Products in Montana

The full selection of Clear products can be found at Bloom Montana dispensaries across the state. 

Stop into any Bloom Montana dispensary today and explore the top-shelf selection of vapes, concentrates and infused cannabis products from The Clear. Or place your order online for easy pickup or delivery.



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