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Bloom Weed Dispensary Glendive​

Glendive Dispensary Information:

Address: 13 MT-16, Glendive, MT 59330
Phone Number:
1 (406) 377-5520
Hours: Everyday 9 AM – 7:55 PM

Step into Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary! Situated at 13 MT-16, our inviting space welcomes both medical and recreational customers. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, visit our West Glendive, Montana cannabis store for an inclusive, one-of-a-kind experience!

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Top Cannabis Products at Our Glendive Dispensary

Step into Bloom, your go-to weed dispensary in Glendive, MT, and uncover an unparalleled array of top-notch cannabis selections! From premium flower to pre-rolls, mouthwatering edibles to potent vape cartridges, concentrates, calming tinctures, and beyond, our marijuana menu has it all! Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Here’s a glimpse into the most sought-after weed products at our Montana dispensary

Shop The Best Weed Brands in Glendive, Montana

Glendive’s Best Montana Cannabis Brands

At Bloom’s Montana dispensary, we collaborate with the state’s finest cannabis brands to offer you the highest quality and most potent products. Tailor your experience for maximum enjoyment and effects with our Glendive MT dispensary’s curated selection of featured brands, including:

Bloom Montana: Bloom’s varied cannabis strains embody the richness of our region. Alongside premium flower, the Bloom Montana cannabis product line encompasses disposable vapes, strain-specific cartridges, edibles, and more. Immerse yourself in Montana’s essence! Shop our Glendive MT dispensary’s selection of Bloom products now.

Wana: Treat yourself to innovative THC edibles from Wana! Each Wana gummy is meticulously crafted to provide a premium Montana cannabis experience. Wana thoroughly tests for potency, so you can confidently enjoy their array of flavors and cannabinoid formulations. Explore Wana’s offerings at our Montana dispensary and delight in the sweeter side of cannabis!

Groove Solventless: Groove Solventless offers solvent-free extracts that maintain natural flavors and effects, ensuring a clean, full-spectrum experience. Utilizing hand-selected strains and advanced extraction methods, Groove’s concentrates are available at our Glendive MT dispensary in disposable vapes, cartridges, and infused pre-rolls. Discover pure potency and authenticity— shop Groove at our Montana dispensary now!

The Clear: Delight in a premium THC experience with distillate products from The Clear, meticulously crafted for purity and transparency. The Clear’s pure THC extracts provide reliable satisfaction and are available in a variety of unique flavors. Elevate your standards with The Clear’s disposable vapes, vape cartridges, and infused pre-rolls. Browse products from The Clear at our Glendive MT dispensary.

Mobius Beverages: Enjoy premium cannabis-infused drinks from Mobius Beverages for a refreshing and unique drinking experience. Enhanced with top-quality weed extracts, Mobius’s carefully crafted flavors ensure responsible indulgence with every sip. Shop Mobius Beverages at our Montana dispensary for a tempting taste sensation!

At Bloom, you’ll find a wide array of top-tier products from these esteemed Montana cannabis brands and others such as High Road Edibles, Dancing Goat Gardens, Sacred Sun Farms, Orchard Vapes, Frosteez, and more!

Shop the best Montana cannabis brands in West Glendive and pick up your order at Bloom!

Weed Deals Bloom at Our Montana Dispensary

Our Glendive MT dispensary’s prices are unmatched! Bloom is renowned for offering the most competitive weed deals in Montana. We invite you to maximize your savings by enrolling in our exclusive rewards program. Earn benefits like saving up to 15% back in rewards, receiving free products, and gaining access to exclusive discounts— being a member is worth it!

Whether you opt to visit our Montana dispensary or browse online for premium products and accessories, rest assured, we have you covered. Enjoy our 20% birthday and veteran discounts, along with worthwhile daily cannabis specials. Check out the Montana cannabis deals awaiting you at our Glendive MT dispensary:

View Our Daily Cannabis Specials:

Gold tier flower 20% off!

Mobius Beverages 15% off + BOGO 50% off .5g pre-rolls.

Glass, accessories, and merch 20% off + BOGO 50% off Bloom Vapes

Adults 55 and older get 15% off!

Shop Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary deals now and pick up your order at your convenience.

Popular Products at Our Montana Dispensary

Guests at our Glendive MT dispensary love Bloom’s carefully chosen assortment of top-tier Montana cannabis. Renowned for our extensive offerings, we showcase premium weed products like flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and more!

Seeking suggestions? Some of the best-selling products at our Glendive MT dispensary include:

Premium Montana Cannabis Strains

Explore a wide selection of premium cannabis strains at Bloom’s Montana dispensary! Our assortment features flower sourced from elite Montana cultivators. Whether you lean towards sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties, Bloom has your ideal strain waiting for you!

Bloom stands out as the best Glendive MT dispensary due to our dedication to superior cannabis cultivars, including our exclusive Bloom Montana cannabis strains. Our Montana dispensary’s shelves boast an extensive array of the state’s best weed strains, celebrated for their potent cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Explore favorites like Lilac Diesel, Lemonhead, Super Sherb, Horchata, Point Break, and so many more!

Shop the flower menu at our Glendive MT dispensary for convenient pickup at Bloom!

Exceptional THC Edibles

If smoking isn’t your preferred method of consumption, we welcome you to explore the delectable and potent assortment of cannabis edibles at Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary! We proudly offer all of Montana’s favorite kinds of weed edibles, including tantalizing chocolates and gummies, refreshing drinks, convenient capsules, and more.

Featuring reputable Montana cannabis brands like Alpenglo Capsules, Bloom Montana, Forge Canna, Frosteez, Groove Solventless, High Road Edibles, Mobius Beverages, Wana, and more, our cannabis edibles selection promises both quality and satisfaction.

Shop edibles at our Glendive MT dispensary for pickup at the Bloom Montana dispensary!

Weed Vapes and Carts

Experience the effortless convenience and quick onset of vaping cannabis! Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary presents a diverse array of user-friendly vaping solutions. Select from disposable vapes or interchangeable cannabis cartridges loaded with pure and potent distillate, live resin, or solventless concentrates.

At Bloom’s Montana dispensary, our collection of cannabis vapes and carts is sourced exclusively from reputable Montana cannabis brands like Frosteez, Orchard Vapes, The Clear, and Dancing Goat Gardens, among others.

Shop Bloom vapes and carts online for convenient pickup at our Glendive MT dispensary!

Find Our Glendive Dispensary

Nestled conveniently near the intersection of I-94 and MT-16, our West Glendive MT dispensary is less than a mile from the scenic banks of the Yellowstone River. To get to our Montana cannabis store from downtown Glendive, follow W Towne St west for one mile. After you pass over the river, you’ll turn right onto MT-16 N. There you’ll find Bloom’s West Glendive, Montana dispensary on the left, between the Sinclair Gas Station and the Black Sheep Market restaurant.

At our Glendive MT dispensary, Bloom boasts a team of welcoming and knowledgeable budtenders committed to delivering outstanding assistance. Whether you’re a Dawson County resident or an adventurer exploring our scenic locale, Bloom’s dispensary in West Glendive provides an extensive selection of Montana cannabis products paired with expert guidance. Serving customers from eastern Montana towns such as Bloomfield, Lindsay, Fallon, Mildred, Wibaux, Savage, Terry, Crane, and beyond, our Montana dispensary stands as Glendive’s go-to destination for premium cannabis and exceptional service!

Stop by Bloom today, or shop our Glendive MT dispensary online for quick and easy pickup.

FAQ: Areas Served by Our Montana Dispensary in West Glendive

Is the Bloom Glendive MT dispensary near the Bell Street Bridge?
Yes! Bloom’s Montana dispensary is conveniently located just a 20-minute walk or 4-minute drive away from the enjoyable Bell Street Bridge footpath, which connects Glendive to West Glendive.

Is your Montana dispensary close to Makoshika State Park?
You bet! Our Montana cannabis store is conveniently situated near this fossil hotspot. Stop by Bloom for the essentials before you head back in time at Makoshika State Park for camping and hiking adventures amongst the dinosaurs, only 8 minutes away from our Glendive MT dispensary.

Are there any parks near your Glendive MT dispensary?
Absolutely! Our Montana dispensary is easily accessible from several nearby parks. Eyer Park, Lloyd Square Park, and Historical Landmark Park are all located within a 5-minute drive of Bloom.

Is Bloom’s Montana dispensary near the fairgrounds?
We sure are! If you’re headed to the Dawson County Fair or another fun event at the Dawson County Fairgrounds, be sure to visit Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary beforehand! Our Montana cannabis store is only 6 minutes away.

Is your Montana cannabis store close to the airport?
Yes! If you’re flying in or out of the Dawson Community Airport, Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary will be a convenient weed stop for you. Our Montana dispensary is about 10 minutes from the airport.

Is your Glendive MT dispensary near the golf course?
Sure! Whether you prefer disc golf or traditional golf, there is a nice course near Glendive to enjoy. Makoshika Disc Golf Course lies about 10 minutes southeast of Bloom, while Cottonwood Country Club is about 5 minutes north of our Montana cannabis store.

Shop at Bloom’s Montana Dispensary in Glendive!

Discover the premium Montana cannabis brands you seek at Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary. Our esteemed brand partners feature renowned names such as Alpenglo Capsules, Bloom Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens, Frosteez, Groove Solventless, High Road Edibles, Mobius Beverages, Orchard Vapes, Sacred Sun Farms, The Clear, Wana, and many more!

Join us on a journey through Bloom’s expansive Glendive weed menu, showcasing the finest cannabis in the Big Sky State. From sativa, indica, and hybrid flower to premium concentrates, sleek vapes and carts, tempting THC edibles, convenient pre-rolls, and a variety of other essential weed products, our Montana dispensary has something for everyone.

Visit Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary for tailored product suggestions! Or explore our Montana cannabis menu online for quick pickup at Bloom in West Glendive.

Reviews for Bloom Weed Dispensary Glendive

Our customers can’t get enough of Bloom’s Montana dispensary in Glendive! Take a look at some of the glowing reviews we’ve received on Google:

“One of the best dispensaries I have been to all around Montana. Great group of people that know their material. Always looking forward to my next purchase and to get to talk to my favorite tender Braden. Can’t wait till my next experience” -A Nich

“great place to go! awesome product and friendly staff ” -Mandy Ehret

“Customer service was great, very helpful and respectful. Highly recommend if you are looking for decent priced items.” -Bridget Koran

“10 out of 10 recommend Bloom. Friendly and knowledgeable staff!” -MTBatman16

“I was treated with respect love vibe. Bud tender was great. And really good products.” -Bertina Shelton

“Always a good experience. Good prices. Nice workers lots of help” -Jason j

Have you visited Bloom’s Glendive MT dispensary? Please share your experience by writing a Google review! We value your feedback and would love to hear from you.


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