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New Missoula Location

The countdown is ON! Learn more about our DOWNTOWN BOZEMAN SUPERSTORE



Pot Picnic

Picnics are generally relaxing and chill. You choose a spot with your partner or pals that has a great view and smooth area to fan out your big comfy blanket.

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Cannabis Salsa for Cinco de Mayo

“Salsa” is the Spanish word for “sauce,” but the food predates the Spaniards’ presence in the Americas by many centuries. Sauce made from a combination of chiles, tomatoes and even

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Spring is in Bloom

Spring is in Bloom and we are excited to finally soak up some good weather. I think we all agree here at Bloom enjoying patio time with a cold beverage.

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Huckleberry Margarita

If you are unfamiliar with huckleberries, they are native to Montana. They grow in western Montana and are a favorite of both Montanans and bears! The copper mug Moscow mules

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Wana Know What’s New?

Serving customers all over the United States and Canada, every vegan, gluten-free, organically sweetened gummie is infused and lab-tested for consistency with each delicious bite. Wana’s pectin-based recipe is suitable

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