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Huckleberry Margarita

Huckleberry Margarita

If you are unfamiliar with huckleberries, they are native to Montana. They grow in western Montana and are a favorite of both Montanans and bears!

The copper mug Moscow mules are traditionally served in, is also reminiscent of the wild west days of Montana and the boom towns that popped up to mine for copper and other natural materials. This fun drink helps to bring us back to the great state of Montana, even if it is just in our minds for the evening.

Here’s how to get started mixing a THC infused Huckleberry Moscow Mule

Ingredients 1 oz. Sinful Huckleberry Lemonade 1 oz. Lime Juice 4 oz. Ginger Beer Crushed ice Fresh mint


  1. In copper mug, pour Sinful Lemonade, lime juice
  2. Mix inside of mug with stirring rod
  3. Add ice to mug
  4. Pour ginger beer until full
  5. Garnish with fresh mint leaves

Best enjoyed with a scenic Montana view and good friends. Don’t forget to tag @TheRealBloomMT on social media with your cocktail creations.


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