Strain of the Month - Purple Crazy Head

Published On: Thu Jun 24 2021

An Indica cross between Purple Headband x Crazy Glue, it’s a good seller for a reason. Loaded with Limonene, Caryophyllene, and b-Pinene it’s commonly used to help with conditions such as: nausea, chronic pain, appetite stimulant, depression, stress headaches, inflammation and tend to give a sense of euphoria. One of our staffers noted, “ Purple Crazy head is one of my favorite strains. I think it is the perfect indica for a Saturday when you have nothing going on and you want to just relax and enjoy your weekend. It’s a great functional indica, you can still get important chores done while being totally relaxed at the same time. I also use it to treat mild headaches and pains. It’s a great mood leveler also!”

Stop in your local Bloom to give Purple Crazy Head a try!