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Too High?

Too High?

Basically any individual who uses weed habitually has encountered the unplanned distress of getting excessively stoned (am I right?). It can happen to even the most seasoned smokers. You’ve probably been told before there’s not a lot you can do if this happens, you just have to wait it out. Generally speaking that’s true… but we have a few tricks to help the process and make it a little more comfortable.

  1. Learn from the experience. We had to make this number one because figuring out why it happened is the first step to making sure not to do it again in the future.
  2. Drymouth is a MF… so drink LOTS of water. Water will aid in the process of flushing out excess THC. Try adding some flavor like lemon or berries for added taste and electrolytes.
  3. Distract yourself, this might sound funny but it works. It might be tricky at first when you are panicking but if you can distract yourself from what you are feeling by focusing on an activity, it will help the time go by faster. Try coloring an adult coloring book, organizing a closet (or entire room).
  4. EAT! There are certain foods that are believed to help come down from a high but there’s very little data to back it. Heavier meals with more protein tend to help, usually after a good sandwich or pizza your high will feel a lot more manageable.
  5. CBD has calming side effects so try a dose or two of CBD. It might sound counterintuitive to use another cannabis product to ease a cannabis overdose, but CBD can help ease the effects of the THC.
  6. Get yourself in the right headspace, put on some relaxing music and grab a calming book.

Hopefully some of these times help you next time you or a friend find yourself too baked. Remind yourself THC is short lived. One amazing thing about THC is you aren’t really ever in danger of consuming too much.


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