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Sinful THC Beverages at Bloom

Satisfy your thirst and enjoy an uplifting buzz with Sinful – a leading brand of cannabis-infused beverages. These refreshing mocktails are now available at Bloom Montana dispensaries statewide. Crafted with premium THC distillate in a fast-acting formulation, Sinful THC drinks offer a unique and convenient way to enjoy weed edibles.

Infused THC Drink Flavors for Any Occasion

Sinful offers a delicious line of THC-infused lemonades, limeades and other fruit flavored THC drinks. With around 100mg of THC per 12oz bottle, each bottle packs a punch, or you can enjoy a smaller THC microdose for milder effects, then reseal the bottle.

Sinful THC beverages work great as refreshing cocktails substitutes, and can be used to craft THC Mocktails. They also make cannabis consumption more discreet and convenient.

Popular THC drink flavors include:

  1. Strawberry Lemonade – sweet strawberry blended with zesty lemonade
  2. Peach Lemonade – juicy peach meets tart lemon for a balanced taste
  3. Lemonade – a classic sweet and sour lemonade
  4. Orange Vanilla – creamy orange creamsicle flavor 
  5. Limeade – a tart and zesty limeade
  6. Blackberry – exclusive to Bloom, this sweet and refreshing THC beverage is sure to enhance your next social occasion

No matter your taste preference, Sinful offers a delicious THC drink option for you. They work well on their own or mixed into THC mocktails.

Made with Quality Ingredients

True to their name, Sinful infused beverages do contain a powerful dose of THC – but that doesn’t mean they’re bad for you!

With only around 10 calories per serving (100 calories per bottle), they make a solid choice for diet-conscious consumers.

Sweetened with a mix of sugar, erythritol, and stevia leaf extract, Sinful THC infused beverages offer a delicious, low-calorie, fast-acting weed edible experience in every bottle.

For those looking to cut back on alcohol or experience a new way to enjoy cannabis, Sinful drinks offer a delicious, low-calorie, cannabis-based alternative.  

Discreet, Portable and Convenient

Sinful’s portable, discreet beverages each come in a sleek 12oz bottles that looks just like any other drink.

They’re pocket-friendly and perfect for discreet outdoor activities and events. No need for mixers, garnishes or preparation – just grab a chilled can and enjoy, or add your favorite cocktail ingredients for a THC infused mocktail.

Convenient, consistent dosing makes Sinful drinks an accessible cannabis option for newcomers or those with lower tolerances. Drink as much or as little of the bottle as you like to achieve your desired effects. With 100mg THC per bottle, it’s easy to control your dosage. As with any edible weed product, start low and go slow until you’re familiar with the effects of these THC drinks.

Where to Buy Sinful in Montana

The full selection of Sinful THC-infused beverages can be found at Bloom, Sweetgrass, and Fat Hippie dispensaries across the Treasure State.

Quench your thirst and buzz with the tasty lineup of cannabis drinks from Sinful, available at Bloom Montana. Place your order online or visit a nearby dispensary to browse flavors and learn more.


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