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Bloom Weed Dispensary Havre


Address: 2400 2nd St W, Havre, MT 59501

Phone Number:1(406) 400-2747


Monday: 9am – 7:55pm

Tuesday: 9am – 7:55pm

Wednesday: 9am – 7:55pm

Thursday: 9am – 7:55pm

Friday: 9am – 7:55pm

Saturday: 9am – 7:55pm

Sunday: 9am – 7:55pm

Shop The Best Weed Brands in Havre, Montana​

Welcome to Bloom’s weed dispensary in Havre, Montana! We are located at 2400 2nd St W, in West Havre. Our cannabis store in northern Montana demonstrates Bloom’s dedication to excellent customer service. We take pride in stocking the best weed in MT! We only carry cannabis brands renowned for their unparalleled purity and potency, accompanied by fantastic weed deals. 

Our medical and recreational weed store is just a quick 5-minute drive from the Havre City-County Airport. Feel free to drop by and replenish your weed supply as soon as you arrive! To get to Bloom’s Havre dispensary from the airport, simply take Airport Rd to US-2 and head east for 1.3 miles. Turn right onto County Rd 652 NW, then take a quick left onto 2nd St W. You’ll find our cannabis store on the right, just past Clausen and Sons General Contractors.

Bloom Havre is the most convenient Montana dispensary for visitors and locals from both Montana and Canada. Our weed dispensary is only about 30 miles from the Canada border, making it an easy trip for people in southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. Bloom’s weed store in Havre is accessible for marijuana shoppers from towns throughout Hill County, including Guildford, Kremlin, Burnham, Laredo, Herron, Saddle Butte, Lohman, Chinook, North Fork, and others. Bloom Havre is also a convenient stop for people from the Fort Belknap Reservation.

Order ahead and pick up your weed at our cannabis dispensary in Havre, MT!

Best Weed Products at Our Havre, MT Dispensary

Explore an extensive array of the best weed in Montana at our cannabis store! If you need assistance narrowing down your choices, check out some of these best-selling marijuana products at Bloom Weed Dispensary Havre:

The Clear .35mL Distillate (Potent Pineapple)
This marijuana vape pen has uplifting, yet relaxing effects and a tropical tang! The Potent Pineapple disposable vape from The Clear includes a battery so you can just inhale and enjoy. Easy-peasy, pineapple squeezy.

The Clear .5mL Distillate (Orange Cream)
With a vape battery on hand, swapping THC cartridges to suit your preferred flavor and effects is so easy! The Clear’s Orange Cream vape cart is widely favored for its happy effects and delightful nostalgic flavor, making it a standout choice.

GSC Flower (7g)
Prefer to smoke your weed? You can’t go wrong with our GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain! Scout’s honor, this cultivar is delicious with a well-balanced high. Terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene give GSC its soothing, but energizing effects and sweet aroma.

.5g Pre-Roll Super Glue
Pre-rolls give you the effects of flower in a convenient, ready-to-smoke joint! You’ll love this Super Glue half-gram pre-roll. It’s perfectly packed with this calming indica strain, whose heavy doses of myrcene and pinene are ideal for an evening on the couch.

Badder .5g Watermelon Rush
Dabbing cannabis concentrates gives you a quick, long-lasting high! Extracts like this Watermelon Rush badder are a favorite among experienced cannabis users. Bloom’s selection of concentrates also includes BHO, Diamonds, Live Resin, and others.

Select from these popular products, or browse our menu for a diverse range of premium weed available at Bloom!

Best Weed Deals in Montana

Bloom has the best weed deals in the Big Sky State! Our Harve, MT dispensary invites you to explore our enticing cannabis discounts. Everyone gets 10% off on their birthday! And veterans receive a 10% discount every day. We also offer these daily weed deals:

Cyber Monday: Online orders 15% off!

Toker Tuesday: All Gold Tier flower 20% off!

Wax Wednesday: Bloom Branded Dabbable Concentrates 20% off!

Thirsty Thursdays: Mobius Beverages 15% off + BOGO 50% off .5g pre-rolls

Fresh Baked Fridays: Edibles 15% off!

Swag Saturdays: Glass, accessories, and merch 20% off + BOGO 50% off Bloom Vapes

Senior Sundays: Adults 55 and older get 15% off!

Come on in to experience the welcoming atmosphere of Bloom’s weed dispensary in Havre, MT, where our approachable budtenders await to help you find your new favorite cannabis products at the most competitive prices in Montana! Or you can shop online and pick up your weed at our Havre cannabis store.

Best Weed in Montana, Pick Up at Bloom!

Bloom Weed Dispensary Havre is proud to feature a wide selection of top-tier Montana cannabis brands, including Bloom Montana, High Road Edibles, Groove Solventless, Mobius Beverages, The Clear, Wana, and others!

Explore our exceptional marijuana selection! We carry all of Montana’s best weed products, including sativa, indica, and hybrid flower, clean concentrates, sleek vapes & carts, delectable weed edibles, convenient pre-rolls, tinctures, and an array of other high-quality cannabis products crafted to suit your preferences.

Visit Bloom’s Havre dispensary to find the perfect cannabis strain, concentrate, or edible for your needs! Or shop online and easily pick up your order at the Bloom cannabis store in Havre today.

Elevate Your Montana Adventures With Bloom

After you pick up your weed order at Bloom, savor the beauty of Havre and our surroundings! Our Montana dispensary is situated near the picturesque Milk River. Our scenic location in Havre, MT (close to the Canada border) offers convenient access to a variety of outdoor adventures, and historical & archaeological attractions. Some recommended activities in the Havre area include:

Havre Beneath the Streets– The underground city– just 5 minutes from Bloom!
Fort Assiniboine State Historic Site – Explore our military post past
Nez Perce National Historical Park– A tribute to Montana’s native roots
Beaver Creek Park– Hiking, camping, fishing, and more!
Bow & Marrow and Duck Inn – Two of our favorite Havre, MT restaurants.

Visit Bloom Dispensary in Havre, MT Today!

Whether you’re a tourist in Havre, a local resident, or simply passing through while discovering the wonders of Montana, our Havre cannabis dispensary is the ultimate destination for all your weed needs.

From top-notch marijuana flower to edibles, extracts, pre-rolls, beverages, and more, the Bloom weed dispensary in Havre, MT carries an extensive selection of premium Montana cannabis brands.

Explore the best weed deals in Montana and enjoy the friendly and knowledgeable service provided by our budtenders at Bloom. We can’t wait to meet you!

Order online and conveniently pick up your weed from our Havre, MT dispensary!

Reviews for Bloom’s Havre Dispensary

Dedicated to providing exceptional service, Bloom takes pride in our 5-star reviews! See what a few of our satisfied customers have shared about their experiences at our dispensary in Havre:

“Absolutely fantastic! Great selection of flower! Staff is very knowledgeable and super nice! This was my first time buying cannabis in Montana (I am from Oregon) and the experience was wonderful! Very good prices as well. Definitely recommend!” -Matthew Hilliard

“Huge variety of flower, with a consistent and high percentage. Lots of various sales and discounts on the daily. For a squisher like me the flower must be proper, and I can always squish product from bloom with great results. #fan” -Beth Wilkie

“I immediately feel at home here. Such friendly people and they give you honest recommendations to help you. I totally recommend you stop by if you haven’t your missing out” -Erin Fitzpatrick

“Always good caring people ,great variety of products, affordable. Just all around clean nice place to be. Kharmicly awesome ” -connie dauch

“I love bloom,I love their staff and how nice and kind they are.the place is nice and clean. The edibles and pre-rolls are great.they have cool things to buy like t-shirts and blankets.they also have great service” -Lydia Reyes

“I would not recommend any dispensary in the state other than bloom. The staff truly cares about their clients when I had a slight Miss file with my medical marijuana license we sat on the phone at bLoom with the state for an hour I had my three card three days later” -S M

If you have been to Bloom’s Havre, MT dispensary, please share your feedback with us!


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