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Bloom Weed Dispensary Butte

Butte Dispensary Information:

Address: 2407 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701
Hours: 9 AM – 7:55 PM, Every Day

Welcome to Bloom’s dispensary in Butte, MT! Situated at 2407 Harrison Ave, the Bloom cannabis dispensary in Butte prides itself on creating an inclusive environment, serving both medical and recreational consumers. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, your visit to our Butte dispensary will be well worth it!

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Most Popular Products at Our Butte Dispensary

Customers frequenting our dispensary in Butte, MT appreciate Bloom’s curated assortment of premium cannabis offerings. Renowned for our diverse weed menu, we showcase top-tier Montana cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and more! Seeking recommendations? Dive into some of our best-selling weed products below:

Shop The Best Weed Brands in Butte, Montana

Our Butte Dispensary Has Montana’s Best Weed Brands

At the Bloom weed dispensary in Butte, we collaborate with Montana’s top cannabis brands to offer you the purest and most potent products available. Tailor your experience for maximum enjoyment and impact with our featured brands! They include:

Bloom Montana: Our in-house brand showcases a variety of cannabis strains that capture the essence of our beautiful state. Beyond our premium flower, the Bloom Montana product range features disposable vapes, strain-specific cartridges, edibles, and more. Discover the spirit of Montana at Bloom’s dispensary in Butte MT—shop our innovative weed products today!

Wana: Experience the innovation of Wana THC edibles, available at Bloom’s Butte dispensary! Each carefully crafted gummy delivers a top-notch cannabis experience. With rigorous potency testing, you can unwind and enjoy a variety of flavors and cannabinoid profiles. Dive into Wana’s potent products and delight in the sweet taste of cannabis!

Groove Solventless: Groove’s extracts are solvent-free, maintaining the natural flavors and effects for a pristine, full-spectrum experience. Featuring hand-picked strains and advanced extraction techniques, Groove extracts are available at our weed dispensary in Butte in disposable vapes, cartridges, and infused pre-rolls. Experience the purity and authenticity of Groove Solventless—shop now!

The Clear: Discover the essence of pure THC with The Clear‘s distillate products, designed for utmost purity and clarity. You’ll enjoy consistent effects from The Clear’s pure THC extracts, available at our Butte dispensary in a variety of distinctive flavors. Raise your standards with our disposable vapes, vape cartridges, and infused pre-rolls. For unparalleled clarity and quality, shop The Clear at our dispensary in Butte MT today!

Mobius Beverages: Experience the delight of premium cannabis-infused drinks from Mobius Beverages for a unique beverage experience. Each flavor is thoughtfully crafted and enriched with high-quality cannabis extracts, allowing you to savor every responsible sip. Shop Mobius Beverages at Bloom’s Butte dispensary for a refreshingly tempting taste!

Bloom also carries a wide range of premium products from other esteemed Montana cannabis brands such as High Road Edibles, Dancing Goat Gardens, Sacred Sun Farms, Orchard Vapes, Frosteez, and more!

Shop Montana’s best cannabis brands at our weed dispensary in Butte for pickup!

Bloom Butte Has Montana’s Best Weed Deals

Bloom’s weed dispensary prices are unmatched! We are renowned for having Montana’s best weed deals. Save even more by enrolling in our exclusive rewards program. You’ll enjoy up to 15% back in rewards, complimentary items, and exclusive discounts!

Whether you opt for online shopping at our dispensary in Butte, or prefer an in-store experience for premium products and accessories, we’ve got you covered. Save with our 20% birthday and veteran discounts, along with enticing daily cannabis specials. Explore our Butte dispensary deals:

Explore our Daily Weed Deals:

Cyber Monday

Online orders 15% off!

Gold tier flower 20% off!

 Bloom Branded Dabbable Concentrates 20% off!

Mobius Beverages 15% off + BOGO 50% off .5g pre-rolls

 Edibles 15% off!

Glass, accessories, and merch 20% off + BOGO 50% off Bloom Vapes

Adults 55 and older get 15% off!

Browse our Butte dispensary online now and conveniently pick up your weed at Bloom!

Premium Cannabis Strains

Explore a vast assortment of top-tier cannabis strains at Bloom’s dispensary in Butte, MT! Featuring flower sourced from premier Montana cultivators, our selection caters to every preference, whether you lean towards sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties.

Bloom’s signature cannabis strains are one reason that we are Butte’s favorite weed dispensary. Peruse our shelves to discover an expansive array of Montana’s top weed strains, celebrated for their robust cannabinoid and terpene compositions. Select from popular cultivars like Paradise Sunset, Wedding Crasher, Runtz, Moon Blend #24, Horchata, and many more!

Shop Bloom’s outstanding flower menu today, available for pickup at our Butte dispensary!

Top-Tier Weed Edibles

If smoking isn’t your first choice, treat yourself to our tasty and effective variety of cannabis edibles at Bloom’s weed dispensary in Butte, MT! We’re thrilled to carry all of Montana’s best edibles, including delectable chocolates and gummies, invigorating drinks, and more.

Sourced from reputable Montana cannabis brands like Bloom Montana, Frosteez, High Road Edibles, Mobius Beverages, Wana, and more, our THC edibles menu ensures quality and satisfaction.

Browse Montana’s best edibles for pickup at Bloom’s Butte dispensary today!

User-Friendly THC Vapes & Carts

Experience the ease of vaping cannabis for fast-acting effects minus the lingering smoke. At Bloom’s Butte dispensary, we stock an extensive array of convenient and user-friendly vaping solutions. Select from disposable vapes or cannabis cartridges containing pure and potent distillate, live resin, or solventless concentrates.

The selection of flavorful and effective weed vapes and cartridges at the Bloom dispensary in Butte, MT is sourced exclusively from reputable Montana cannabis brands like Frosteez, Orchard Vapes, The Clear, and Bloom Montana, among others.

Shop for vapes and carts in Butte and conveniently pick up your order at Bloom!

Discover our Dispensary in Butte, MT

Conveniently located on Harrison Ave just north of I-15 / I-90, our Butte dispensary is only 7 minutes from the Butte airport! To get to our weed dispensary from Bert Mooney Airport, simply follow Harrison Ave north for 2.5 miles. Look for our weed shop on the left, across the street from Pork Chop John’s.

At Bloom’s dispensary in Butte, MT, our welcoming and knowledgeable budtenders are committed to assisting you. Whether you’re from Silver Bow County or exploring our scenic region as a visitor, Bloom’s Butte dispensary offers diverse cannabis products and expert guidance. Serving patrons from various southwestern Montana towns like Ramsay, Basin, Warm Springs, Divide, Whitehall, Silver Star, Anaconda, Boulder, Melrose, Wise River, Deer Lodge, Jefferson City, Pony, and beyond, our weed dispensary is the #1 local destination for quality cannabis and service.

Stop by Bloom’s dispensary in Butte, MT today, or shop Bloom Butte online for pickup!

Stop By Bloom Weed Dispensary in Butte, MT Today!

Discover an abundance of premium Montana cannabis brands at Bloom Weed Dispensary Butte. Our brand lineup includes renowned names like Bloom Montana, Dancing Goat Gardens, Frosteez, Groove Solventless, High Road Edibles, Mobius Beverages, Orchard Vapes, Sacred Sun Farms, The Clear, Wana, and many more!

Join us on a journey through our exceptional Butte weed menu, showcasing the finest cannabis products in the Big Sky State. From sativa, indica, and hybrid flower to pure concentrates, sleek vapes and carts, delectable THC edibles, convenient pre-rolls, and other top-notch weed essentials, we have it all.

Come visit our weed dispensary to discover the ideal cannabis product tailored to your preferences! Or shop our Butte dispensary online for quick and easy pickup at Bloom.

FAQ: Areas Served by Our Weed Dispensary in Butte, MT

Is the Bloom weed dispensary near the KOA?
Yes! Bloom’s dispensary in Butte, MT is only 4 minutes away from the Butte KOA Journey– making us the most convenient Butte dispensary for campers and other out-of-towners.

Is your Butte dispensary close to the museum?
Yes! There are several museums near our weed dispensary. The World Museum of Mining, Historic Clark Chateau Museum & Gallery, Mai Wah Society, and Science Mine are all 10 minutes or less from our dispensary in Butte, MT.

Are there any mines near your Butte dispensary?
Yes! There are a few old mines to explore within just a few miles of our dispensary in Butte, MT. Travel to the past at Alice Mine and Anselmo Mine, both about 10 minutes away from Bloom.

Is your weed dispensary close to any hiking trails?
Absolutely! There are a few picturesque hiking trails within 10 minutes of Bloom’s Butte dispensary. Big Butte Open Space Recreation Area, Walking Trail, and the Maud S Canyon Loop Trailhead are among our favorites.

Is the Bloom weed dispensary near the university?
Indeed it is! If you are an adult student at Montana Tech, come shop at Bloom! Our great cannabis deals make us the best Butte dispensary for students 21+, and we’re less than 10 minutes away.

I’m searching for a Butte dispensary close to a restaurant. Any suggestions?
You’ll find some fantastic restaurants near our cannabis dispensary in Butte, MT. Popular local eatery Royse’s Hamburgers, Shakes & More is right across the street from Bloom, and the Hanging Five Restaurant & Casino is just 1 minute away.

Reviews for Bloom Butte

Customers love the Bloom dispensary in Butte, MT! Take a peek at some of the glowing reviews we’ve received on Google:

“Matt at Bloom weed dispensary in Butte MT was so helpful! He was able to recommend just the perfect gummies and flower for me. Also got a great deal after signing up for reward points. Definitely the BEST Montana weed shop – and they have like over 20 locations all across Montana!! <3 highly recommend” -Lindsay Dann

“Excellent service. They accidentally gave me the wrong Twax joint and I called just to make sure their inventory would be okay, and they made it right with me. Will be returning!” -Myrranda Rodriguez

“This place is amazing!!! They are so helpful!!! I’m from out of state and they made my experience amazing treated me like I was a regular ” -Amber Thompson

“This place is absolutely epic, everybody is super duper nice & friendly which has not only me coming back but my son also & I recommend it to all.” -Hellcat Biotch

“This place is so great, best products for your money. Great prices, but overall it just has a great energy. The people were so kind and helpful. 10/10 will be coming back for sure.” -Paisley Violet

“Cory and the staff are the best. I love all the different products they have. The lemonade is the best drink I have found on the market. The prices are affordable, and the staff always makes sure you get what you need. That’s why they get 5 stars!!” -Jesse Williams

Have you paid a visit to Bloom’s Butte dispensary? We’re eager to hear about your experience. Please write us a Google review!


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