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It’s not Halloween without a good ol fashioned pumpkin carving party. But it can get old carving the same old designs every year, why not spice it up by making a pumpkin bong!

It might sound tricky, but we promise pumpkin bongs are very easy and eco friendly. All you need is:

  • 1 pumpkin
  • drill and drill bit (if you don’t have a drill you can use a screwdriver or knife)
  • 1 downstem piece
  • some super dank weed from Bloom

Carve a small round hole through the middle of your pumpkin. Start small to make sure your downstem fits as snug as possible. Next you will make a carb by drilling another small hole. This hole should also go through the middle of your pumpkin. Now for the mouthpiece, you will make a third small hole on the opposite side of the pumpkin, about a 45 degree angle that is in the middle of the pumpkin. Insert your downstem, pack your bowl, and blaze into the sunset.

Happy Halloween and happy blazing.


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