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Finally! An Edible for People Who Don’t Like Edibles

Finally! An Edible for People Who Don’t Like Edibles

You’re not imagining it. Cannabis edibles really do feel different from smoking or vaping. Not only do they take substantially longer to kick in, but they tend to produce a more intense experience than flower does – you may have heard it described as a “body high.” They also last a long time, anywhere from 4-6 hours for most people, which means taking one can be kind of an all-day affair.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love traditional edibles… they’re kind of our thing. They’re also discreet, portable, lung-friendly, and (when made correctly) delicious! But not everybody enjoys that heavy “body high” sensation. Or, even if they do, sometimes they don’t have the time to commit to it for a full six hours.

But what if we told you we’ve created a line of products that combine all the benefits of an edible with the convenience and effects of smoking a joint? They’re called Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies. And to explain how they work, we have to answer a few key questions:

Why Do Edibles And Smoking Feel So Different? The answer is very sciencey, but not as complicated as you might think. When you inhale cannabis, you’re pulling what’s known as Delta-9-THC into your lungs. From there it passes directly into your bloodstream. This happens very quickly, so you feel effects almost immediately. What’s more, the effects of Delta-9 THC tend to be relatively light and cerebral (some people call it a “head high”) and to last for only 2-4 hours.

When you ingest edibles, on the other hand, they have to travel through your digestive tract and liver before you can feel them working. This obviously takes time – usually between 45 and 90 minutes. But just as importantly, it means they undergo a process called first pass metabolism, which converts those Delta-9-THC molecules into something called 11-Hydroxy-THC. 11-Hydroxy is believed to be much better than Delta-9 at crossing the blood-brain barrier (the layer of blood vessels that keeps harmful substances from reaching your brain). This explains why the effects you feel from edibles can be so much stronger and more body-focused – in fact, 2-3x more potent – than a Delta-9 inhalation high.

So Then… How Is It Possible an Edible Could Feel Like Smoking? It all comes down to a pretty simple concept. We like to call it “the oil and water problem.”

You may not know that cannabinoids like THC and CBD are actually lipids, otherwise known as fats. Your body is made of something like 70% water. Fats (like oil) and water don’t mix well. So when you ingest cannabinoids, your body has to work really hard to absorb and metabolize them.

In the case of Wana Quick Gummies, we’ve tackled this problem by harnessing an innovative new technology known as Azuca’sTiME (Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation). TiME encapsulates each tiny THC molecule in a water-soluble layer. Think of this layer as a kind of disguise that tricks your water-based body into absorbing the fatty THC molecules.

This watery disguise means the THC in Wana Quick Gummies can enter your bloodstream before it undergoes first pass metabolism in your liver. This means it hits much faster than in traditional edibles – typically between 5 and 15 minutes. But it also means that the Delta-9-THC is never converted into those more intense, body-focused 11-Hydroxy molecules.

The result? A fast-acting edible that actually feels like smoking!

But What If I Like Traditional Edibles? It’s pretty clear why Wana Quick Gummies are a great option for people who don’t like regular edibles: they provide the desired inhalation-like effects without harming your lungs or drawing unwanted attention with smoke and smells. But if you, like us, are a big fan of the traditional edibles experience, what can Wana Quick do for you?

Well, here’s a start:

Their less intense, more cerebral effects make them ideal for socializing. (Some people prefer to experience traditional edibles in a subdued or solo setting.) Their 2-4 hour duration means you can enjoy them without feeling impaired for the rest of the day. It’s especially great for events with a limited time frame, like a party, movie, or concert. Their 5-15 minute onset means minimal waiting to feel effects! This is, again, great for social situations, but it can also be useful if you’re using them to help you sleep or relieve some kind of physical discomfort. It’s even possible to pair a Wana Quick Gummie with a Classic one for an experience that starts fast and lasts a long time. To be clear, though, we do not recommend this for new or low-tolerance consumers. Bottom line: traditional edibles remain a classic for a reason, but Wana Quick Gummies can be an ideal option for fast fun with friends – so much so that we’ve started lovingly referring to them as “Happy Hour Edibles.” We’ve even given them tasty cocktail-inspired flavors like Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, Limoncello, and more.

And as with all our products, Wana Quick Gummies allow consumers to customize their experience, because they’re available in three terpene-enhanced, class-specific blends including inspiring sativa, relaxing indica, and balanced hybrid (as well as a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio). They also come in both 5 and 10mg doses (availability varies by state).

So grab a bottle and give them a try! It will only take 5-15 minutes before you’re experiencing them for yourself. ad A version of this blog post was first published on


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