Spring is in Bloom

Spring is in Bloom

Spring is in Bloom and we are excited to finally soak up some good weather. I think we all agree here at Bloom enjoying patio time with a cold beverage. Since September of last year we’ve been carrying a refreshing line called Sinful Beverage. It provides all the fun of drinking with out the calories or dreaded hangover. If you ask us less calories in a swim suit the better. In our spare time we’ve been practicing different mocktails for different social settings. This strawberry basil lemonade is a crowd pleaser to cool down. Follow these steps below for some 21 and older fun.


4 C. of Sparkling Water

10 Oz. Glass Cup Full of Ice

1 Tbs Strawberry Lemonade Sinful Beverage

⅓ C. Fresh Basil

8-10 Strawberries, Tops Removed


Fill 10 oz. glass cup with ice. Add 4 cups of sparkling water to the ice filled cup along with 1 Tbs of Strawberry Lemonade Sinful Beverage. On a cutting board slice up strawberries and dont forget to remove the green tops. Once this is done sprinkle in a few fresh strawberries to your liking. Last step take a ⅓ cup of fresh basil and mince it. Add the minced basil to the top of the drink for garnishing.