Halloween Movies to Watch Stoned

Halloween Movies to Watch Stoned

Do you like smoking weed and watching horror movies? You are not alone! Spooky movies are a fun way to socialize in a festive way. We want to help start the spooky season off right with an epic list of horror films that you should watch while stoned. Of course, not every stoner is a horror fan, and not every horror fan is a stoner, so we have compiled two lists funny scary and scary scary.

Scary Scary

The Conjuring - Paranormals help a family who recently moved into a new home in the woods with supernatural presences in the house. It starts out harmless and escalates into more.

It Follows - This film is CREEPY and WEIRD! Basically this girl (the main character) hooks up with a guy and a curse is put upon her. The only way to break the curse is to hook up with someone new and stick the curse on to them.

Funny Scary

This is The End - This film is funny both sober and stoned. Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel and many other funny celebrities experience a biblical apocalypse while at a party at James Franco’s house.

Reefer Madness - This is a hilarious highly exaggerated cautionary tale that features what happens while using marijuana.

The Lost Boys - Who doesn’t love an 80’s vampire film!? The Lost Boys is an epic movie about two brothers who relocate to a new town, discover the town is a haven for vampires.