Big news here at Bloom, we are collaborating with Groove. Groove is a quality, solventless company focused on a suite of clean and natural cannabis products crafted for an active lifestyle.

Rooted in the foothills of Glacier National Park, Groove is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to crafting small-batch, premium solventless products that showcase the best cannabis has to offer.

Finding your groove is about unlocking the benefits of cannabis to compliment your life. Whether you are creating, recreating, relaxing or healing, cannabis can augment your experience or condition. Through our solventless products, Groove captures the essence of the flower to create a suite of naturally processed products that accentuate the most desirable traits, flavors and benefits of cannabis.

Through unique terpene-rich flavor-forward strain genetics, customized cultivation techniques and cutting-edge natural solventless processing methods, Groove offers convenient consumption products designed for an active lifestyle.

Starting March 14th items will be available in all Bloom locations. For more information about Groove visit Or you can order off of the Bloom website by visiting the order page at