Bong Appetite

Bong Appetite

Given the ongoing normalization of pot in mainstream culture, numerous conesours and cannabis experts have taken to the craftsmanship of study and pairing the unlimited assortments of weed strains with complimentary food and drink. As more states and regions approach legalization many marijuana bistros, eateries, and parlors are planning how to creatively blend the personalities of unique strains with the flavors of various dishes.

The trick to properly pairing food and marijuana is to understand terpenes. Terpenes, or terpenoids, are natural mixtures that naturally occur in the weed plant, giving marijuana its famously sharp and various smells. Some pot strains convey the aroma of natural or earthy, while other strains have a floral, pine, wood, or even mint aromas! Thus, choosing strains that are bountiful with terpenes can enhance the cannabis and foodie experience.

Below you will find a few common strains you can find at just about any dispensary near you.

Sour Diesel - Commonly known as the “Sour D”, is a strong sativa with a powerful taste. This classic bud would pair perfectly with a stinky cheese charcuterie board. Especially if you had some balsamic or bitter sauces/dips. Garlic is another complimentary flavor to this strain, you could also try a garlic potato or some garlic bread. (PRO TIP- you might want some minty tic tacs around for after).

OG Kush - Is a heavier earthy strain. It would pair well with steak, spaghetti, or marinated mushrooms. Heavier indica strains similar to the OG Kush also pair well with thick hearty soups.

The Cheese - This strain has a similar smell and taste to cheese hence the name The Cheese. The Cheese is a great pair with dinner party appetizers like olives, capers, grapes, dolmas, pitas and hummus. These olive flavored foods pair incredibly with a cheese strain. This is definitely a go to strain for all of you savory lovers.

Happy munching!